Ayebomi vs. Regina


This piece by Abosede A. George (Associate Professor of History) reworks the archives of a court case from the late 1800s in Lagos, Nigeria for an audio performance. The Lagos Photo Festival commissioned the piece.

Rachel James and Karl-Mary Akre assisted Professor George in recording testimonies in the Media Center’s brand new audio booth. A trial was re-created in a Barnard hall classroom and recorded with IMATS equipment. Rachel worked with Professor George to compile sound scapes and edit the recordings into five separate audio files, which will play in different locations around Lagos as part of the festival.


The 1 Train is Delayed


The 1 Train is Delayed is a new free-form web series developed by Ruby Mastrodimus, post-bac fellow for the Media Center, in an effort to bolster content creation on campus while also teaching invaluable production skills to Barnard students. This variety show has a dedicated team of writers, performers, and crew members who have already begun the process of pre-production. The 1 Train is Delayed will begin production late Fall 2018.


LED Movement Scales


In 2017, IMATS collaborated with Paul Scolieri from the Barnard Dance Department in a project that experimented with visualizing Laban movement scales. Student dancers wore LED-gloves and bands while performing 10 to 45 second movement scales. These performances were recorded as long-exposure photographs and as light-painted videos.

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360 Video Virtual Reality


IMATS partnered with the Barnard Dance Department to explore new angles from which performances could be recorded—every angle, to be exact. IMATS filmed several dance classes from various genres using a Ricoh Theta 360 camera, then stitched and edited the footage together. The result could be viewed through a VR-headset as an immersive dance experience.

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Dance Magic Dance: Book Chapter

Woman holding cardboard VR headset

A more in-depth look at IMATS' ongoing partnership with the Barnard Dance Department can be found in the chapter "Dance Magic Dance: A Case Study of AR/360 Video and the Performing Arts." This was co-written by Melanie Hibbert, the current director of IMATS, former associate dean Alexis Seeley, former Media Specialist Abby Lee, and Barnard Dance professor Gabri Christa. This chapter appears in the book Library Go: Augmented Reality in Libraries, published in May 2018 by Roman & Littflefield.

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