The Media Center's Production Lab will continue to be open in accordance with the Milstein Center's building hours. The Production Studio is open for reservations starting October 4th. 

Using Our Space

First-Time User Guide

First time using or reserving the studio? Start here to learn about our policies and how to reserve the studio.

Using Our

Production Studio

Our newly designed production studio features a light grid, audio booth, and green screen. Learn more about the space and when it's open for reservations.

Using Our

Post-Production Lab

Our post-production computer lab features Adobe Software, including Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and AfterEffects; DaVinci post-production software; AutoCAD; Sketch; and Rhino. Learn more about what we offer and find out when we're open.

Using the

Equipment in the Studio

Ready to get a closer look at the studio? Check out what equipment is housed in the space and see what could work best for your next media project.