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Picture of 2024 EFMP mentee, Sabrina Bohn

Sabrina Bohn ‘24 is a senior majoring in Film and Media Studies and is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. A lifelong writer, they are passionate about telling expansive stories about women and queer people that push the boundaries of traditional representation, especially through the medium of screenwriting and filmmaking. She is invested in creating pathways towards a more empathetic and equitable world in everything she does.

About Sabrina’s film, Funeral Girl: After learning her older sister is getting married, lonely and discontented college student Camille accidentally crashes a funeral and meets a no-nonsense older woman who provides her with some words of wisdom.

A photo of 2024 EFMP Mentee Liz Fields

Liz Fields ’25 is a computer science major from Northern California. Her work explores themes of feeling small in nature, loneliness amongst young people, and internal struggles of self-confidence and queer identity. Her stories are told through dynamic and colorful cinematography.

About Liz’s film: In fear of living a dull life, Carter quits their stable office job which leads them down a path of spontaneous and self-destructive decisions. Through these decisions, they must confront their longstanding struggles with interpersonal intimacy and confidence.

Picture of 2024 EFMP mentee, Dani Lewis

Dani Lewis‘25 is a junior at Barnard majoring in Film and Media Studies. As a writer and filmmaker, her work most often centers around the dysfunctional family dynamic and the various ways “family” can look via the genres of coming of age, Southern Gothic, and dramedy.

About Dani’s film STARCHILD. An aspiring child star obsessed with the idea of perfection has one last audition in the city before she has to move to the suburbs with her mom and her mom’s new boyfriend. In her last try for stardom, she crosses paths with her idol, who, like herself, is full of desperation, only for him it is to remain relevant in the ever-waning spotlight.