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Photo of Ellie George smiling and giving a thumbs-up.

Ellie George is a senior at Barnard studying Architecture and English. She hails from the Pacific Northwest and is interested in families, folklore, and magical realism. Her work explores the relationship between class dynamics and nontraditional family structures, and how the two shape each other against the backdrop of an unpredictable world.

About Ellie's film, Ink, Running: Amidst the death of a family patriarch, a mother-daughter duo is sequestered at home and unable to reunite with the rest of their family. Frustrated with themselves and each other, a gruesome painting—a hidden heirloom from long ago—comes to life to haunt the two, forcing the family to confront their secrets.

Portrait of Selina Wu smiling in a field of sunflowers.

Selina Wu '24 is double majoring in Economics and Film; she has always been intrigued with the mechanisms of our little world and how we allow the planet to run, so these two fields of education heighten her ability to dissect humanity and ponder more than mere existence. Her films focus on things that we do not see on the daily, with our own human eyes. She loves being on set, and experiences a sense of camaraderie rarely found elsewhere when working as part of a team to create something! 

About Selina's film, Reginald: Arthur exists on his own, and prefers not to interact with the people he is surrounded by. Except for Reginald, a tombstone. Though Arthur has never actually met Reginald, they have a connection, a connection that is stronger than Arthur had thought...

Portrait of Amy Zhang smiling on college walk.

Amy Zhang '23 is a visual storyteller interested in telling stories related to social justice, particularly relating to first-generation experience, immigrants, education, racial equity, and women's rights. She has won a screenwriting award for #StuckToTheScript Youth Screenwriting Contest issued by the Bronx Film Initiative, and has a short published by Readworks about a boy and his parents' struggles to communicate with each other due to a language barrier.

About Amy's film, Red: Mei decides for the first time to not go back home to her family for Chinese New Year.