Due to COVID-19, our studio will continue to be physically closed for the Spring 2021 semester. However, our post-production lab is open with limited seating in accordance with Milstein Building Hours, no need to book in advance. Reach out to mediacenter@barnard.edu with questions. 


Help & Consultations

The Media Center team aims to support Barnard faculty, students and staff in making their media projects come to life! If you'd like to set up time for a consultation with a staff member or just have a troubleshooting question, please contact us at mediacenter@barnard.edu with a description of your project.


Virtual Access to Lab Software

BCIT has a Virtual Labs platform (powered by Apporto). The Virtual Labs will provide Barnard students with access to the same academic software that is currently installed in the physical computer labs on campus. 

Film Grants and Fellowships

The Media Center team is committed to finding the best opportunities to help Barnard faculty, students and staff in making their media visions come to life!